Spider-Man: No Way Home Continues to Break Records

After grossing well-over $1 billion globally in a market restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s popularity continues to shock critics within the film industry. As of January, Variety reports that the latest MCU marvel is “now the sixth-highest grossing movie in history at the domestic box office, surpassing “Titanic” ($659 million) and “Jurassic World” ($652 million).” It has been over a month since the film’s initial U.S. release on December 17, 2021. Yet, Spider-Man: No Way Home maintains its championship in the box office, beating out the latest releases – including Scream (2022) despite being on its seventh weekend in theaters.

In addition to being the first film of the pandemic era to truly dominate the box office, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s grossed sales rival previous critically acclaimed movies such as James Cameron’s Avatar (2009). Spider-man is a post-pandemic hit, but it is also a remarkable success by any measure from pre-pandemic film markets. As we speak, the film is approximately $25.2M from matching the earnings of Avatar. On January 30, 2021, the movie was on track to bust Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ bubble of economic dominance for a Hollywood movie.

The movie’s success confounded critics throughout the globe. Film experts argued that the Marvel Cinematic Universe reached its peak during Avengers Endgame, and many gleefully predict the demise of the superhero movie as a genre. Critics often pointed to the weak performances of Eternals and Black Widow as proof that Spider-man would flop. Yet Spider-man remains a box office draw, and its expansion into the multiverse of previous Spider-man incarnations provides ample routes for Sony/Disney to expand upon the product in the future. In the end, Spider-man: No Way Home proves that Peter Parker’s web slinging days are far from over.

LaTaè Johnson
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LaTaè Johnson is a 2021 graduate of Arcadia University’s International Peace & Conflict Resolution master’s program. Her natural inclination for inquisition has guided her to follow her every curiosity. Although this impulse was not always embraced in the high school setting, by the undergraduate and graduate periods of her education, she was been able to harness and rein in on this strength while studying the intersectional disciplines of international and peace studies that welcomed that curiosity and willfulness to analyze the interconnectivity of everything

-- often especially relating to identity, culture, and politics. The discipline and determination that blossomed through those formative years resulted in studying abroad, a year-long internship at the Foreign Policy Research Institute of Philadelphia, the creation of a documentary series The Local-Global History of Philadelphia which focuses on representation for immigrant groups in Philadelphia and aims to connect local and global community, and gaining experience in political organizing. Post-grad, LaTaé currently finds herself a high school teacher by day during the fall and winter, but a journalist by night -- year-round! Both of which satisfy her undying attachment to incessant learning and analysis.


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