Our Team

The Commoner relies on an all-volunteer team of students, activists, and non-profit leaders. Our team provides news and educational resources to people across the globe. We have widely differing personal backgrounds and political views, but we share a common commitment to truthful reporting and open-minded dialogue. Indeed, we all believe in the importance of empathy and compassion.

You can find out more about our team members below:

Grace Brangwynne
Chief Operating Officer

Grace Brangwynne is the Chief Operating Officer at The Commoner. In this role, Grace works closely with the CEO and executive team to develop the creative and strategic vision for the news outlet. Grace produces content and identifies authors who can write articles for the platform. She is a graduate student at the University of Connecticut where she is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration. In her free time, Grace enjoys weightlifting, MMA, and indie rock. 



Conor Donnan

Conor Joseph Donnan is a co-founder of The Commoner. Outside of The Commoner, Conor is a doctoral candidate in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania, and he is on the board of a compassionate listening non-profit named Someone To Tell It To.

Dawaun Davis

Dawaun Davis is a co-founder and Executive Director at The Commoner. He is an activist and political writer from Baltimore, MD. Davis is a proud Foundational Black American, and he hopes to use his platform at The Commoner to help young Black people with their struggles.

Ellie Jimenez
Director of Social Media Strategy

Ellie is the social media strategist and a regular contributor at The Commoner. Her writing focuses on the Latin American experience in the USA and international affairs. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and has since taught English as a foreign language both online and in Mexico.

Christopher Becker
Vice President and Senior Political Correspondent

Christopher Becker is the Senior Political Correspondent at the Commoner.  He is a civil litigator practicing in Suffolk County, New York at TonaLaw. Christopher graduated from the University of Alabama’s School of Law in 2016. There, he was a Senior Editor of the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review.

Darrell Laurant
Director of Content

Darrell Laurant is a veteran journalist who previously worked at the News & Advance (Lynchburg). He published over 7,000 pieces in three decades. Darrell has covered papal visits, the Olympics, American sports, and political issues in Virginia. He has also written a variety of books, including "Inspiration Street: Two City Blocks that Helped Change America. At The Commoner, Darrell is a leading contributor on American news.

Megan Bauer
Political Correspondent

Meg Bauer is a political correspondent covering national news at the Commoner. She is recent graduate of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business with a major in marketing. She currently works for a market research consulting firm in Michigan but has always had a passion for writing. Meg is especially interested in the topics of healthcare, environmental sustainability, and mental health awareness. In her free time, Meg enjoys yoga, playing guitar, and finding new recipes to try.

Alexander MacKethan
Political Correspondent

Alexander MacKethan is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. Since college, he has worked as a real estate agent and property manager. A student of Political Science, he has had a lifelong passion for American politics and elections. In his free time, he enjoys reading classical literature, debating philosophy with friends, and watching science fiction.

Anju Miura

Anju Miura is a recent graduate of Boston University, where she studied journalism and psychology. Her passion lies in covering both international relations and local politics, focusing on racial justice, immigration issues, and elderly affairs. At the Commoner, she writes and edits articles about national and international affairs.

Solomon Reaves

Solomon Reaves is a journalism student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When he’s not writing or making deliveries, he enjoys the finer things in life like cricket, MMA, and ranting about social issues

Samica Goel

Samica Goel is a high school senior, passionate about national politics and international relations. She plans to study economics and business in college and attend law school. In her spare time, Samica is an avid dancer and enjoys traveling.

Paige Garczynski

Paige Garczynski is a high school student located just outside of Baltimore, MD. She enjoys rowing and horseback riding in her free time. She hopes to study finance or economics in the future.