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What is The Commoner?

The Commoner is a non-profit, non-partisan news outlet dedicated to reflecting the opinions and concerns of the common people. The voices of those who fall outside of elite financial, policymaking, and scholarly circles – the majority – are often drowned out in a global media landscape dominated by big money and political polarization. The Commoner serves as a platform for these voices by focusing on rigorous reporting and compassionate dialogue that transcends partisan ties and media bias.

The Commoner discusses political, economic, and social issues in a respectful and open-minded manner. We cover local, national, and international news. We produce conventional reporting as well as opinion pieces, discussion pieces, and educational resources for teachers and scholars.

We believe that partisanship and profit have dominated global media to the detriment of the common person. In particular, the interests of the underprivileged and marginalized are lost in the rifts that open up between political partisanship and media biases.

As its namesake suggests, The Commoner is dedicated to capturing these interests, and to creating common ground on which they can be discussed. We believe that empowering the “commoner” within the media will lead to a more democratic and equal global society. We also hope that reflecting a diversity of opinions will help to promote empathy and understanding – the building blocks of a more inclusive global community. Thus, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team of volunteers. Our contributors come from a variety of personal backgrounds and are scattered across the political spectrum. We welcome academic insights, but especially value the perspectives of grassroots leaders, community activists, and engaged citizens who work for the greater good.

How Can I Help?

Cody “The Commoner” Puffin

You have taken the first steps to supporting The Commoner by reading our articles. We encourage all of our readers to submit articles for potential publication. You can also submit a donation here; The Commoner is non-profit and exists on the generous donations of our readers. Lastly, please subscribe to our newsletter to get monthly highlights from The Commoner staff.